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What permits/licensing is required for my participation?

All food/drink vendors will be required to complete and submit a Temporary Food Facility Permit Application (TFF) and associated fees to the Event Organizer. The associated fees for this Health Permit depend on the Food Operation Type:

$184 - Food Preparation (any cooking or open food/drink items)
$82 - Prepackaged (only commercially prepackaged items)
$116 - Prepackaged + Sampling (commercially prepackaged items with open samples) - sponsors only

If you have a food truck, you must send us a copy of your valid Los Angeles County Mobile Food Facility Permit and keep a copy on-site during the event.  You do not require a TFF.

Vendors must also have and be able to present on-site a valid Certified Food Manager or Food Handler Card or equivalent if from out of town.

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