On a mission to squeeze a bit more out of life, we set out to keep the ritual of sipping a cold
pint, but scrap the long list of downsides that come along with it. With this mission in mind,
we created Nonny to brew high quality beers, for high quality lifestyles.

According to the ads we grew up watching, booze is nothing but fun. Drink beer, gain
success, interest, charisma and above all, happiness. Right? The reality is that as our
lifestyles become more active and our goals more lofty, alcohol does a lot more to hold us
back than drive us forward.

Nonny is a non-alcoholic beer brand bringing craft beer experience to a historically
underwhelming category. Our goal is to help shake the current perception of non alcoholic
beer by creating a quality product and building our brand around health, wellness, and
everyday adventures into sports, music, and art where traditional alcoholic beer brands have
historically dominated.